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They Dried for a Good Cause: Staff Learn How to Help in a Collections Disaster

Thursday, October 13, 2022

What happens in the unlikely event of leaks, spills, or fire-extinguishing in the Library? This fall, staff had an opportunity to learn or review how everyone can pitch in if there's an emergency collision of books with liquid. Conservator Christina Amato, who led the workshops, explains:

These books had been destined for the recycling bin, but instead were conscripted for disaster response training. Here they are soaking in anticipation.

Christina Amato explains how to handle wet collection material.

Tables are lined with unprinted newsprint to soak up water.

Pink Post-It notes. A conservator’s bugaboo.

Christina demonstrates how to interleave a wet book.

An interleaved book in progress.

Our goal was to dry out the books as quickly as possible, before mold could set in.

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