For Children

April 2024

New Books

Archived Lists

Alexander, Rilla. You Rule!
Alemagna, Beatrice. Pepper & Me
Allegra, Mike. Pirate & Penguin
Anisimova, Anna. The Invisible Elephant
Bailey, Jenn. Henry, Like Always
Becker, Aaron. The Tree and the River
Birdsong, Bea. Boop!
Blackall, Sophie. If I Was a Horse
Catchpole, James. What Happened to You?
Eggers, Dave. The Eyes & The Impossible
Gravett, Emily. 10 Dogs
Handy, Bruce. The Book from Far Away
Lindstrom, Carole. My Powerful Hair
Martin, Bill Jr. Bing! Bang! Chugga! Beep!
Marx, Patricia. Tired Town
Otheguy, Emma. Reina Ramos: Tour Guide
Prokhasko, Taras & Marjana. Who Will Make the Snow?
Tabor, Corey. Fox Has a Problem
Westera, Bette. Later, When I'm Big
Wright-Ruiz, Kiera. I Want to Be Spaghetti!
Yang, Kelly. Top Story