For Children

Carol Weston

Library member Carol Weston says that when she was a child, "at night, when other kids picked up their books, I picked up my diary and started scribbling." Following the well-known recommendation to "write what you know," she wrote about being a girl. Weston continues to do so today as an acclaimed children's author and advice columnist.

With more than 15 books published, including the bestseller Girltalk: All the Stuff Your Sister Never Told You, Speed of Life, and the popular Ava and Pip and Melanie Martin series, as well as a column in Girls' Life magazine, Weston has earned her reputation as the "Dear Abby for girls."

Weston also has some advice to offer for aspiring young writers: "Keep writing, keep journals, and don't get discouraged... Focus [on] observing people, developing an ear for dialogue, and telling stories with well-chosen words... The point isn't to write a lot; it's to write well."

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