For Children

David Mokhtarzadeh

Riding a Big Apple

2007 5th-6th Grade Poetry Honorable Mention

I love going on the subway.
I see many people from different places.
Walking through the sliding doors.
I see people reading newspapers
in languages from all over the world.

A man walks in with a radio and starts to break dance,
I see couples in love,
Some people talking,
Some sleeping,
The train stops.

An African American man pushes his way through,
A pregnant Chinese woman walks in,
A very old, wrinkled man gets up
To let her sit on the crowded train,
A poor man is begging for money,
Some give, but most are indifferent,
One woman just keeps eating her sandwich
Even though the beggar is starving.

At the last stop most of us get off.
But some are still sleeping, some are still going,
and some have nowhere to go.