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Edith Kunhardt

In 1940, Dorothy Kunhardt created a little book for her daughter, Edith. The book, Pat the Bunny, started a new trend in children's writing and has since become one of the most popular children's books of all time.

Edith Kunhardt Davis followed in her mother's footsteps, writing over sixty-five children's books and illustrating sixteen. Some of her work was built on Dorothy Kunhardt's model with immensely popular sequels such as Pat the Cat and Pat the Puppy; her other books included I'm Going to Be a Police Officer, Pompeii-Buried Alive!, and Honest Abe, which was honored by the New York Times.

Kunhardt advised young writers, "It helps if you have a mentor or teacher who will encourage you and urge you on. I had such a teacher in grade school, and it made a huge difference. Many years later, I still remember her comments about my work."

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