For Children

Ethan Duncan He-Li Hellman

The few boxes, that resemble me

2012 5th-6th Grade Poetry Winner

In my room are a few boxes
the toys,
the junk,
the ½ and ½,
and stuff I don't even know how it got there.

My mom has always wanted to go through them with me,
but sometimes things don't happen.
I look at them from time to time,
at all those dozens of cars that I used to love,
an envelope full of pictures of me and my friends,
fake pirate treasure,
and those puzzles that I'd give up on half-way through,
a wind up camera,
a little compass,
my tangle of necklaces in a sunglass case that I found,
and that old choo-choo train whistle.

But to see those
few boxes
resembles something
more than just a car,
or a rock,
it resembles something

it resembles