For Children

February 2021

New Books
Archived Lists

Beccia, Carlyn   Monstrous
Bottner, Barbara   Where's My Turtle?
Brosnan, Katie   Gut Garden
Bruss, Deborah   Good Morning, Snowplow
Cotler, Joanna   Sorry (Really Sorry)
Denise, Anika A.   Bunny in the Middle
Fishman, Seth   The Ocean in Your Bathtub
Food Network   Big Fun Kids Cookbook
Gay, Marie-Louise   Fern and Horn
Gladstone, James   My Winter City
Grabenstein, Chris   No More Naps
Hale, Shannon  The Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party
Johnson, Varian   Twins
Kendi, Ibram   AntiRacist Baby
Lewis, Aura   We the People
McGill, Erin   If You Want a Friend in Washington
McKay, Hilary   The Time of Green Magic
Medina, Meg   Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away
Niemann, Christoph   Subway
Park, Linda Sue   Prairie Lotus
Pinkney, Andrea   Loretta Little Looks Back
Pizzoli, Greg   Baloney and Friends
Sachar, Louis   Wayside School Beneath the Cloud of Doom
Seidler, Tor   Oh, Rats!
Sell, Chad   Doodleville
Slater, Dashka   The Book of Fatal Errors
Vourvoulias, Sabrina   Nuestra America
Wolk, Lauren   Echo Mountain
Wong, Liz   The Goose Egg
Yang, James   Stop! Bot!