For Children

Grace Alexandra Chiong

The Osprey in a Tree

2010 3rd-4th Grade Poetry Honorable Mention

An Osprey in a tree
so high above.
An Osprey in a tree
so calm and majestic.
High on a mast,
swaying to and fro,
While fishermen cast
for Bass below.
Magnificent Osprey
in shades of gray
white and charcoal,
snatches a dead branch
twice his size,
from weathered Locust
and flies it back
to make his nest
at the top of a great pole.
The Osprey sips from a stream
flowing through the forest.
Glittering fish
hide in the stream
soon to be captured
by the Osprey.
The mother feeds hatchlings
big juicy trout,
as the father takes his turn
Osprey migrate in May
to New York City,
Marthaís Vineyard and Maine.
Maybe, just maybe, in May
if you look up at the sky,
you will spy
an Osprey
spying on you
with his little naked eye.
A graceful and elegant
Bird in a tree.