For Children

Lily Shoretz


2005 5th-6th Grade Poetry Honorable Mention

Look out the window As you ride on the M3 Fifth Avenue bus.
The gates are filling Central Park.
A strange color cluttering the park
Like construction cones.
A simple design with no meaning.

Walk under the gates
A different light
Brings people together.
All sorts of languages buzzing in your ears.
Lovely laughter,
Cameras clicking,
Holiday happiness,
These gates are graceful
Decorated daintily with snow.
Flowing in the air is not simple anymore.

Calming and relaxing,
Also, exciting and vibrant
Orange is wonderful,
Orange is new,
But they are not forever.
They will be dismantled
Leaving more slowly than they came,v (And youíre glad about that!)
Turned into something else,
Something different.

You think of orange differently now.
Not construction cones,
Nor the 'orange terror alert,'
It is something different,
Something better,
Orange has a new meaning,
Though just a memory.