For Children

Luca Cy Fong-Causone

If I Were a Bird

3rd & 4th Grade Prose Honorable Mention

If I were a bird, I would fly around New York watching people getting into yellow cabs and rushing into subways at rush hour like water filling up a cup. I would see people who are going to work looking fresh, and others who are going home after work looking tired. I'd see the people selling newspapers for a dollar or two. I'd watch kids running home to do homework. I’d love to see people of all ages and backgrounds. I’d watch the crosstown bus stopping at every corner as people rush to the seats. I would also see balloons that have escaped from their owners, and full-speed taxis splashing in the street’s water.

Each season would have its own personality. In winter I’d see the snow as the sugar on a giant cream puff. In spring the world would change to a big rainbow. In summer I would see sweaty tourists with bulky bags. From above, the city would look like green marks with a concrete background with rivers in between. In fall I’d see a fire carpet on the trees.

I would fly over crowded streets full of people who are going out somewhere. With the taxis zooming down Broadway, they would scare me so much I’d go flying back home. I'd go flying to the Statue of Liberty, sitting on the torch and the crown.

I would live all over the place, swooping down to the street. I’d hear cars honking horns at trucks.

I’d fly against the wind playing racing the bus. With skyscrapers to fly between and bridges to swoop under, I’d swerve through the sky like an obstacle course with other birds flying around making an air traffic jam. I would hear different conversations all at one time. I would hear stuff like, “Hello, did you see Mike?,” “I like your new pants,” “TAXI, TAXI!” It would be really cool.

I would sit on tree branches with fellow bird friends. We’d go around the city watching tourists enter hotels and others leaving. Feeling the breeze rush over my face and body, it would be a marvelous adventure to be a bird.