For Children

Madeleine Koelbel

Today I Know
5th and 6th Grade Poetry Winner

Today I see
The snow fall,
In the same way it has many times.
Flakes fall peacefully to the ground,
My gaze just a passing
Thought of theirs.
Today I sit
In a broken, abandoned shed,
The same one I’ve known for years.
Looking through the cracked window,
The snow.
Today I feel
My cat’s warmth against my lap,
The same warmth I’ve always known.
I found her in an alley one day,
Took her back with me,
Because I felt that she needed the
Same things I did.
Today I know
That although I don’t have a home,
My hope is not lost
And it never will be.
Today is more peaceful,
Than all the other days.
I don’t know.
Something about the bright white layer
Blanketing the mangled grass.
Something about the calm snow comforting
My mind.
Today I know.