For Children

May 2024

New Books

Archived Lists

Adler, David. Spike It, Mo!
Ejaita, Diana. A Day in the Sun
Elliott, Victoria Grace. Yummy: A History of Desserts
Foley, Jessie Ann. Agatha May and the Anglerfish
Gidwitz, Adam. Max in the House of Spies
Grossman, David. Every Wrinkle Has a Story
Ho, Joanna. On the Tip of A Wave
Knisley, Lucy. Ride Beside Me
Knudsen, Michelle. Luigi, the Spider Who Wanted to Be a Kitten
Kuo, Julia. Luminous: Living Things That Light Up the Night
Lebourg, Claire. How Dreadful!
Lincoln, Beth. The Swifts
Pilkey, Dav. Dog Man and the Scarlet Shedder
Pizzoli, Greg. Lucky Duck
Que, Joanna & Marquez, Charina. Dancing Hands
Rosen, Michael. I Am Hungry
Sendak, Maurice. Ten Little Rabbits
Stein, David Ezra. Beaky Barnes: Egg on the Loose
Townsend, Jessica. Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow
Wilder, Derick. I Made These Ants Some Underpants!
Yang, Kelly. Finally Heard
Yee, Lisa. The Misfits: A Royal Conundrum
Young, Kevin. Emile and the Field
Ziefert, Harriet. Is This The Bus for Us?