For Children

Sarah Yeoh-Wang

Books in the Library

2004 3rd-5th Grade Poetry Honorable Mention

There are lots of books read by lots of faces,
In the library's numerous shelves, there are many spaces,
That once held books that people have now checked out,
For there are many things that people read about.

Sitting in the library,
Is a place where it's nice to be,
For lying down and starting to read,
Is all that I want or need.

Being in the library is a fun thing to do,
And the one part that is quite hard,
Is to find the right book for you.
The library is a comfy place where you can sit and read,
And since the library doesn't close till eight,
You can take all the time you need.

Watching the clock ticking away,
Makes you sure that there's lots of time to stay.
There are fiction books and nonfiction ones too,
There is Helen Keller and Winnie-the-Pooh.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is full of magic and fun,
As for scary happenings, there seem to be a ton.
Ron and Hermione are his very best friends,
And their disliking of Draco Malfoy will probably never end.

The Westing Game deals with heaps of money,
But is very humorous as one can clearly see.
Sam Westing was pretending to be dead,
As Sandy, he died choking on Chinese food he was fed.

Harriet the Spy deals with mysteries,
The problem with her is that she likes to tease.
Janie and Sport are her best friends,
But when they find her notebook, their friendship almost ends.

The Long Secret is a sequel to that,
In which Beth Ellen meets Mama Jenkins, who is fat.
Harriet again is looking for clues,
The culprit is Beth Ellen, and Harriet almost thinks it's not true.

Peter Pan is an adventure about a ship with a dangerous cook,
On which Peter and Wendy meet the dangerous Captain Hook!
James Barrie is the author and a very good one too,
He writes wondrous books that are read by me and you.

Ginger Pye is about a dog who is dog-napped,
All the Pyes want to do is to get Ginger Pye back.
Ginger is a puppy who is small and furry,
He is kidnapped by someone who lives in Cranbury!
Mrs. Estes is the author of this wondrous, funny book,
The most exciting part is the place where Ginger Pye was took.

Stuart Little is a book about a mouse,
Stuart was almost lost inside the Littles' giant house.
The author of that tale is E.B. White.
This is one of the best books that he did write.

Frindle is a very funny book,
What a lot of laughing that silly book has took.
Now there is a new boy, and Frindle is a pen,
It looks like that name will never ever end.

Books about time are extremely fun,
A Wrinkle in Time definitely has a ton.
Meg, Calvin and Charles travel to all different places,
Where they meet IT, who is served by different faces.

Some books are scary, with ghosts and goblins,
With things like yucky eyeball stew,
And some are happy and bouncy, such as
Tigger in Winnie-the-Pooh.

Pee Wee's Tale features a guinea pig,
Who was abandoned in the park,
From a home that had once looked very big.
He had lots of friends and he could read and write,
And another thing I bet he could do,
Is dance on the keyboard and type.

Lots and lots of books to read and see,
Leaving the library is very sad indeed.

But still I am searching in the library,
Reading to find a book that will perfectly suit me,
For there are many books that I one day want to see,
Hooray, I found the perfect one that's just right for me.