For Children

Sophie Kim-Yatter

The Blurry New York Life (excerpts)

3rd & 4th Grade Prose Honorable Mention

Chapter 1

“Riiinnng!!” the school bell had just rung. 10-year-old Suki Jun Kim slowly walked out of the Dorez Middle School. She saw her mom waiting in their car. “Come on, Suki!” her mom called from inside the driver’s seat. “Coming,” Suki mumbled. When Suki got to the car, her mom hopped out of their blue SUV. She hugged Suki and asked, “ How was your first day of school, honey?” “Fine,” Suki replied. Suki opened the door of the car and slipped into her seat. She buckled her seatbelt across her chest and slumped down. Her mom got into the car. “Are yousure you’re okay?” her mom asked. “You’re acting strange.” “I’m fine” Suki mumbled. Suki slumped down farther. She picked up her bag, and pulled out her homework. She started to work. This is harder than work in school! Suki thought as she worked. She decided to give up, just as her mom said, “We’re home!” As soon as those words got out of her mom’s mouth, Suki grabbed her bag and ran into the house.

Suki flung open the door and raced inside. She ran up the stairs, two at a time, and into her bedroom. She threw her bag onto her desk chair and flopped down on her fluffy bed. There was a knock at Suki’s door. Suki buried her face into her pillow. “Knock knock!” “ Who is it?” Suki called in a stern tone. “It’s me, sissy!” replied Suki’s sister, 5-year-old Kari Sun Kim. “Come in.” Suki mumbled. Kari pushed the door open wide, and ran in. She did a flip onto Suki’s bed and curled up close to her sister. “How was you’ day?” Kari asked Suki, still struggling with speaking English, since their family had just moved from Seoul, South Korea to New York City. On the other hand, Suki manages speaking English just fine. “Okay,” Suki replied, half mumbling. “ How was yours?” “’Mazing!” Kari cheerfully replied. “I made two friends today! Their names are Catherine and Jane. “That’s great, Kari.” Suki said slowly. How can she make friends so quickly? Suki thought. I can’t even make one, and she made two already!

“Dinner Time!” Suki’s mom called from the foot of the stairs. By this time, Kari had left her sister’s room and was reading in her room. On the other hand, Suki was still lying in her bed, staring up at the ceiling, thinking about the “friend situation.” Suki slowly slipped out of bed and slumped out of her room. She practically slid down the stairs as she walked down, one slow step at a time. “Suki?” her mom called again now from the kitchen. “Coming!” Suki responded, and started to walk quicker. 

When Suki got into the kitchen, she pulled out her chair and picked up her chopsticks. “What’s for dinner?” Suki asked. “Kimchi, bulgogi, and rice if you would like.” Suki’s mom replied. 

Once Suki had finished eating, she went back upstairs to her room. Again, she pulled out her homework from her bag and grabbed a pencil. She propped herself up on her pillows. Suki started to work. She tried her best to concentrate, but the same question still rang in her mind continuously: Why can’t I make any friends?

Chapter 2 

On the third day of school, Suki had just finished Music/Instrumental class. As Suki entered the lunchroom, Beatrix, the most popular girl at school, walked up to Suki with her gang of girls. Beatrix leaned in so close that Suki could feel her breath on her cheek. “You listen close, jolly pants. The school needs popular, pretty girls. Not jolly gross ones. Now SCRAM!!” Suki was so terrified that she ran to the nearest bathroom so she could cry. Suddenly, a girl walked into the bathroom. “I saw that mean girl bothering you and wanted to see if you’re okay.” the girl said. “Uh, thanks, I’m okay, I guess.” Suki replied. “My name is Sarah.” The girl said. “What’s yours?” “I’m Suki.” Suki said in a small voice. “Are you from Korea?” Sarah asked. “Yes, South Korea.” Suki replied. “How’d you know?” “Just a thought,” Sarah replied. “Do you wanna come over later?” “Sure!!!!” Suki responded enthusiastically. Suki felt excited and nervous at the same time. I finally made a friend! Suki thought.