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Film Screening and Screenwriting Discussion: Love, Repeat

Sunday, January 24, 2021 - 2:00 PM | online | open to the public | $10 per person | registration required

Love, Repeat is a new romantic family comedy, and a love letter to the Upper East Side, from award-winning writer-actor Bill Connington, directed by Shelagh Carter.

What if the love of your life is your ex-wife? That's what James realizes as he stumbles through the strange ritual of New York dating. With the help of his sarcastic 11-year-old son and his quirky and diverse circle of family and friends, James set out to win Barbara's heart again, before she marries another man. An uplifting Manhattan romance, Love, Repeat reminds us that sometimes the past is yet to come. View the trailer here.

This event is expected to last roughly 110 minutes, including the film screening and discussion with screenwriter Bill Connington about the journey from idea to page to screen.

Bill Connington is the award-winning star, screenwriter, and producer of Love, Repeat. His next feature film is Poughkeepsie is for Lovers, a psychological horror film. Bill's play Zombie is based on the novella by Joyce Carol Oates, and was later made into a film that went to 21 film festivals. He is a Lecturer in Acting at Yale School of Drama.

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