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The Human Library

Saturday, April 1, 2023 - 2:00 PM | Members' Room/Whitridge Room | for members and guests | free of charge | registration required

Founded in Copenhagen in the year 2000, the Human Library® is, in the true sense of the word, a library of people. This groundbreaking organization hosts events where readers can borrow human beings serving as open books and have conversations they would not normally have access to. Every human book represents a group that is often subjected to prejudice, stigma, or discrimination because of their lifestyle, diagnosis, belief, disability, social status, ethnic origin, etc. The Human Library creates a safe space for dialogue where topics are discussed openly between human books and their readers. Worldwide in over 85 countries, the Human Library® hosts events at libraries, museums, festivals, conferences, schools and universities, as well as online and for the private sector.

The New York Society Library is honored to host the inagural in-person event with Human Library NYC.

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In order to provide the best atmosphere for conversation, limited space is available. Over the course of the two-hour event, participants will have the opportunity to "borrow" two randomly assigned human books at reading stations on the second and third floors. Sample topics include trauma survivor, transracial adoptee, preacher, queer person, and biracial person. It is strongly suggested that participants commit to staying for both 30-minute reading sessions.