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The New York City Book Awards 1995

Book of the Year

The Encyclopedia of New York City edited by Kenneth T. Jackson (Yale University Press)

The 1995-1996 Book Awards Jury

Jacques Barzun, Joan K. Davidson, Christopher Gray, Alfred Kazin, Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, Wendy Wasserstein

The awards presentation took place May 20, 1996.

NYC Book Awards 1995 Elihu Rose, Kenneth Jackson, William Dean
Elihu Rose, Kenneth T. Jackson, and William J. Dean at the ceremony.
William J. Dean, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, presented the award:
As New York's oldest library and its first public library, we are proud to honor The Encyclopedia of New York City with our New City Book Award. It is a reference work of range and depth that celebrates the cultural wealth of this great city.