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Recent Books for Women's History Month

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

To celebrate Women's History Month, we present a list of recent arrivals exploring this wide-ranging subject. From antiquity to the 20th century, from whaling ships to city newsrooms, there is something here for every interest.  To find additonal books, search these subject headings: Women – Suffrage; Suffragists; Literature – Women Authors; Feminism; Women - History; Children & Young Adult. And be sure to click the subject heading links in the catalog records for the books below to explore related titles.  When in the stacks check what is on the shelf next to the book you are looking for—you never know what you might find lurking nearby. 

Don’t miss the Library’s current exhibition Women Get the Vote: A Historic Look at the 19th Amendment, up from January 30 - August 30, 2019 in the Peluso Family Exhibition Gallery. 

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Abrams, Jeanne E. - First ladies of the republic: Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, and the creation of an iconic American role

Perry, Elizabeth Israels - After the vote: feminist politics in La Guardia's New York (to be published in early April)

Atkinson, Diane - Rise up, women!: the remarkable lives of the suffragettes

Barnet, Andrea - Visionary women: how Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall, and Alice Waters changed our world

Beard, Mary - Women & power: a manifesto (ebook available)

Blackwell, Alice Stone - Lucy Stone: pioneer of woman's rights (1930)

Brewster, Mary - She was a sister sailor: the whaling journals of Mary Brewster, 1845-1851

Brolis, Maria Teresa - Stories of Women in the Middle Ages (forewords by Franco Cardini and Giles Constable; translated by Joyce Myerson)

Carter, Stephen L. - Invisible: the forgotten story of the black woman lawyer who took down America's most powerful mobster (winner of a 2018 New York City Book Award)

Cooney, Kara - When women ruled the world: six queens of Egypt 

Devlin, Rachel - A girl stands at the door: the generation of young women who desegregated America's schools

Eastmond, Antony - Tamta's world: the life and encounters of a medieval noblewoman from the Middle East to Mongolia 

Fonte, Moderata - The merits of women: wherein is revealed their nobility and their superiority to men (literary dialogue written in the 1590s)

Fought, Leigh - Women in the world of Frederick Douglass

Goldstone, Nancy Bazelon - Daughters of the Winter Queen: four remarkable sisters, the crown of Bohemia, and the enduring legacy of Mary, Queen of Scots

Goodier, Susan - No votes for women: the New York State anti-suffrage movement

Greenberg, Amy S. - Lady first: the world of first lady Sarah Polk

Hartman, Saidiya - Wayward lives, beautiful experiments: intimate histories of social upheaval

Hubbard, Kate - Devices and desires: Bess of Hardwick and the building of Elizabethan England

Jack, Zachary Michael - March of the suffragettes: Rosalie Gardiner Jones and the march for voting rights

Johnson, Joan Marie - Funding feminism: monied women, philanthropy, and the women's movement, 1870-1967

Jones, Jacqueline - Goddess of anarchy: the life and times of Lucy Parsons, American radical

Jones-Rogers, Jacqueline - They were her property: white women as slave owners in the American South

Kerrison, Catherine - Jefferson's daughters: three sisters, white and black, in a young America

Klagsbrun, Francine - Lioness: Golda Meir and the nation of Israel

Knight, Lynn - The button box: lifting the lid on women's lives                         

Kroeger, Brooke - The suffragents: how women used men to get the vote

Leader, Shelah Gilbert - American women on the move: the inside story of the National Women's Conference, 1977

Lian, Xi - Blood letters: the untold story of Lin Zhao, a martyr in Mao's China

Marshall, Susan E. - Splintered sisterhood: gender and class in the campaign against woman suffrage

Maxtone Graham, Ysenda - Terms & conditions: life in girls' boarding schools, 1939-1979

Mazzeo, Tilar J. - Eliza Hamilton: the extraordinary life and times of the wife of Alexander Hamilton

McCubbin, Lisa - Betty Ford: First Lady, women's advocate, survivor, trailblazer

Mickenberg, Julia L. - American girls in red Russia: chasing the Soviet dream

Miller, Nancy K. - My brilliant friends: our lives in feminism

Morton, Andrew - Wallis in love: the untold life of the Duchess of Windsor, the woman who changed the monarchy

Naylor, Natalie A. - Women in Long Island's Past: A History of Eminent Ladies and Everyday Lives

Nickliss, Alexandra M. - Phoebe Apperson Hearst: a life of power and politics

O'Brien, Keith - Fly girls: how five daring women defied all odds and made aviation history

Robinson, Jane - Hearts and minds: the untold story of the great pilgrimage and how women won the vote

Ronald, Susan - A dangerous woman: American beauty, noted philanthropist, Nazi collaborator: the life of Florence Gould

Runcie, Charlotte - Salt on your tongue: women and the sea

Sanger, Carol - About abortion: terminating pregnancy in twenty-first-century America

Stadiem, William - Madame Claude: her secret world of pleasure, privilege, and power

Stern, Scott W. - The trials of Nina McCall: sex, surveillance, and the decades-long government plan to imprison "promiscuous" women

Tetrault, Lisa - The Myth of Seneca Falls: Memory and the Women's Suffrage Movement, 1848-1898

Thomas, Gillian - Because of sex: one law, ten cases, and fifty years that changed American women's lives at work

Votes for Women: A Portrait of Persistence (Kate Clarke Lemay, editor)

Weiss, Elaine F. - The woman's hour: the great fight to win the vote

Wells-Barnett, Ida B. - The light of truth: writings of an anti-lynching crusader

The Women's Suffrage Movement (Sally Roesch Wagner, ed.; historical anthology)

Worsley, Lucy - Queen Victoria: twenty-four days that changed her life


Anolik, Lili - Hollywood's Eve: Eve Babitz and the secret history of L.A.

Biggers, Jeff - The trials of a scold: the incredible true story of writer Anne Royall

Dubrow, Julie - After Emily: Two Remarkable Women and the Legacy of America's Greatest Poet

Dunn, Nell - Talking to Women (reissue of 1965 collection of interviews by the author of Up the Junction and Poor Cow with artists and writers like Edna O’Brien, Ann Quin, other friends of Dunn)

Feigel, Lara - Free Woman: Life, Liberation and Doris Lessing

Fraser, Caroline - Prairie fires: the American dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder (ebook available)

Future is Female (Library of America, historical collection of science fiction) (Lisa Yaszek, ed.)

Garff, Joakim - Kierkegaard's muse: the mystery of Regine Olsen

Gilliam, Dorothy Butler - Trailblazer: a pioneering journalist's fight to make the media look more like America (author event at the Library March 14th)

Gordon, Lyndall - Outsiders: five women writers who changed the world

Gristwood, Sarah - Vita & Virginia: the life and love of Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West

The history of British women's writing (Jennie Batchelor and Cora Kaplan, eds.; 1700-21st century in several volumes)

In the shadow of Agatha Christie: classic crime fiction by forgotten female writers: 1850-1917 (Leslie S. Klinger, ed.)

Larman, Alexander - Byron's women

Miller, Lucasta - L. E. L. : the lost life and scandalous death of Letitia Elizabeth Landon, the celebrated "female Byron"

Perry, Imani - Looking for Lorraine: the radiant and radical life of Lorraine Hansberry

Plant, Deborah G. - Alice Walker: a woman for our times

Plath, Sylvia - The letters of Sylvia Plath vol. 2

The Portable nineteenth-century African American women writers (General Editor, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.)

Rediscovering forgotten radicals: British women writers, 1889-1939 (Angela Ingram & Daphne Patai, eds.)

Reid, Martine - George Sand

Rioux, Anne Boyd - Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy: the story of Little Women and why it still matters

Sampson, Fiona - In search of Mary Shelley: the girl who wrote Frankenstein

Seiple, Samantha - Louisa on the front lines: Louisa May Alcott in the Civil War

Seymour, Miranda - In Byron's wake: the turbulent lives of Lord Byron's wife and daughter: Annabella Milbanke and Ada Lovelace

Targoff, Ramie - Renaissance woman: the life of Vittoria Colonna

Thompson, Laura - Agatha Christie: a mysterious life

Veevers, Marian - Jane and Dorothy: a true tale of sense and sensibility: the lives of Jane Austen and Dorothy Wordsworth

Weber, Caroline - Proust's duchess: how three celebrated women captured the imagination of fin-de-siècle Paris (ebook available)

Women at work: interviews from the Paris review (volume 2 also available)

Writers as readers: a celebration of Virago Modern Classics (w/ Drabble, Byatt, Mantel, Bowen, etc.)


Fagone, Jason - The Woman who Smashed Codes: A True Story of Love, Spies, and the Unlikely Heroine who Outwitted America's Enemies

Loftis, Larry - Code name: Lise: the true story of World War II's most highly decorated spy

Leslie, Anita - Train to nowhere: one woman's war: ambulance driver, reporter, liberator

Man, John - Searching for the Amazons: the real warrior women of the ancient world

Moore, Lucy - Lady Fanshawe's receipt book: the life & times of a Civil War heroine

Pavlychenko, Lyudmila - Lady Death: the memoirs of Stalin's sniper (translated from the Russian)

Toler, Pamela - Women Warriors: An Unexpected History


Hayes, Jeffreen M. - Augusta Savage: Renaissance woman

Bashkoff, Tracey R. - Hilma af Klint: paintings for the future

Gabriel, Mary - Ninth Street women: Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler: five painters and the movement that changed modern art (ebook available)

Gaines, Jane - Pink-slipped: what happened to the women in the silent film industries? 

Hilma af Klint: notes and methods (Christine Burgin, editor)

Kahlo, Frida - You are always with me: letters to Mama 1923-1932

Leontis, Artemis - Eva Palmer Sikelianos: a life in ruins (1874-1952; NYC debutante, actor, director, Ancient Greece revivalist)

Currey, Mason - Daily rituals: women at work

Morisot, Berthe - Berthe Morisot: woman impressionist

Pollock, Griselda - Charlotte Salomon and the theatre of memory

Rader, Peter - Playing to the gods: Sarah Bernhardt, Eleonora Duse, and the rivalry that changed acting forever

Radical women: Latin American art, 1960-1985 (Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, Andrea Giunta, eds.; Brooklyn Museum)

Ryersson, Scot D. - Infinite variety: the life and legend of the Marchesa Casati (Italian arts patron and muse, 1881-1957)

Smyth, J. E. - Nobody's girl Friday: the women who ran Hollywood

Van Haaften, Julia - Berenice Abbott: a life in photography


Bagieu, Pénélope - Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World

Cline-Ransome, Lesa - Before She Was Harriet

Courgeon, Rémi - Feather

Glenn, Sharlee Mullins - Library On Wheels : Mary Lemist Titcomb and America's first bookmobile

Lawlor, Laurie - Super Women: Six Scientists Who Changed the World

Levy, Debbie - I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark

McCully, Emily Arnold - Caroline's Comets: A True StoryPérez, Celia C. - The First Rule of Punk

Macdonald, Maryann - Rosa's Animals : the story of Rosa Bonheur and her painting menagerie

Robbins, Dean - Margaret and the Moon: How Margaret Hamilton Saved the First Lunar Landing

Rockliff, Mara - Around America to Win the Vote

Underwood, Deborah - Interstellar Cinderella

Wallmark, Laurie - Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code

Watson, Renée - Piecing Me Together

Watson, Renée & Ellen Hagan - Watch Us Rise

Yousafzai, Malala - Malala's Magic Pencil

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