For Children

Young Writers Awards 2021



Grades 3-4: Only Two by Alice Campbell

Grades 5-6: Distance Learning by Lily Panero

Grades 7-8: Reflections on 2020 by Arreyana Khaliq

Grades 9-12: In Which She Begs by Georgia Kirshenbaum


Grades 3-4: The Alien and Me by Joshua Kuruvilla

Grades 5-6: Thorns: A Blessing in Disguise by Carrington Scully Long

Grades 7-8: The Language of Gelato by Casimir Coulson

Grades 9-12: I Am Waiting for the Door to Break Down by Ines Alto

Honorable Mentions


Grades 3-4: Birds by Raymond Go and A Secret's Journey by Bodhi Pickering

Grades 5-6: 'E'  by Clover Demos and Pesto by Mika Higgins-Woo

Grades 7-8: 2020: Every Joy, Every Sorrow by Raana Thacker


Grades 3-4: A Cat's Tale by Rae-Ann Chee

Grades 5-6: Greek Mythology Surrounds Us by Cole Stopnik

Grades 7-8: Keep On Rolling by Iago Macknik-Conde